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What We Have Done

The tables below show inventory of items that Friends and Supporters of Liberian Basketball, Inc., sent to the Liberian Basketball Association in Monrovia, Liberia.


To view the letter of receipt from the Liberian Basketball Association, click here.

Table I: Basketballs

Table II: Equipment and Supplies

Table III: Basketballs Distribution by LBA

Table IV: Equipment and Supplies Distribution by LBA

Wanna Help?

Call 1-800-589-3960 

  • Filed Articles of Incorporation and drafted By-Laws

  • Filed for 501(c)(3) and obtained non-profit status

  • Developed website to more effectively communicate to our members, supporters and interested parties, the progress and policies of the organization

  • Structured organization for transparency, accountability, fiscaly responsibility and effective communication

  • Establised a secured database to store membership records and other operational documents

  • Established various projects designed to accomplish FSLB, Inc., short, medium and long term goals.


  • Established partnership with the NBA

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