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Friends and Supporters of Liberian Baskeball, Inc.

Friends and Supporters of Liberian Basketball, FSLB, Inc, is a non-profit charitable volunteer basketball organization. FSLB, Inc was incorporated in the state of Rhode Island on September 22, 2007 as a tax exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS limiting the activities of the organization to charitable, leadership, educational, spiritual, and athletic purposes.


FSLB is primarily comprised of former players and supporters in the Diaspora who have come together to promote and support the evolution and sustainable development of Basketball in Liberia on the local and National Level.

FSLB, Inc. originally started off as Friends and Supporters of the Liberian Basketball Federation (FOLBF) however, the organization later changed its name to one that more accurately reflects its goal of supporting Liberian basketball in general, not just through the Federation, both nationally and internationally. The organization’s mandate remains the same, with the ultimate goal of developing comprehensive basketball programs that will put Liberia on the map internationally. The plan is to enrich the lives of Liberians by providing opportunities for personal growth and development of athletes through educational and personal development and by providing them international exposure. FSLB hopes to establish collaborative relationships with the Liberian Basketball Federation, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and other international organizations to aid in league development, enhancing training on all levels and providing the equipment needed throughout the country.

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