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LIB Ballers 4 Life


This is the start of a blog to chronicle the history of basketball in Liberia through pictures. It is divided into 4 categories: All Posts, National, College, and High School. The default category is All Posts. If you wish to view only posts from a particular category, simply click on the name of the category. We welcome your comments and corrections, but please be respectful in your post. We will not tolerate profanity in any form. If you would like to submit a picture, please send to

We have also embarked on a project to store game statistics of the current teams in Liberia on this site. The Jeremiah Bing Basketball Tournament on Bushrod Island in 2020 is the first of this effort. The stats are formatted for presentation using excel spreadsheets. To view, click on the name of the team.

We are dedicated to supporting youth basketball development programs in Liberia. YouthConnect and Mama Jama are two boys and girls programs that we support. Please help us by support the kids by making a donation of any amount. Click the donate button to donate using PayPal or you can donate by cashapp.

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