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Friskies of STC - 1984

Sports Commission circa 1984: Friskies had one of the dominant basketball programs in Liberia at the time. And why not. They had the Legendary Psycho, the late Alexander Kojo Anderson, as coach. Here, the girls pose for a team picture before a game.

Standing L to R: Psycho*, Shirley Davies*, Mina Tarpeh, Sharon Brewer, Tarloh Sayeh, Faustina Bonner, Shupan Greenfield (Abraham), Tidi Hodge and Ruseal Brewer.

Kneeling L to R: Juliana S'kon Koffa (Dixon), Gloria Metzger, Debbie O'Connor, Williette Birch, Quallyna Porte, Martha Zoegan, Lala Sow (Cassell)




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