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Hornets vs Island Lords - 1985

By the 80s, the game grew to the point were tournaments were organized by divisions. This game featured two of the best team in 2nd Division basketball in Liberia: Hornets vs Islands Lords. Theirs is story of epic battles that culminated into a duel for the chip in 1985. While Lords were stacked with James Verdier, Boniface Satu, Prince Tucker, Nicholas Andrews, Lewis Boikai, Aryee, Wilson, Gideon Cooper, Morris Wesseh, Emery Johnson, Philip Sackie, Sylvester Satiah and others, Nets boasted a crew of equal basketball pedigree. Hornets featured Sima Wotorson, Wynston Doe, Michael Wotorson, Joey Robertson, Kollie Zizi, Sam Wolo, Ochere and others, under the Late Legendary Head Coach Alexander Kojo Anderson, aka Psycho.

In this frozen moment, Michael Wotorson elevates to score a bucket as James Verdier attempts to block. The game proved this rivalry was worth the price of the ticket. This game ended with Nets topping Lords for the 2nd Division Championship.

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