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Ricks Girls Basketball Squad - 1975

Ricks Institute featured a few star players on this 1975 Dragons Girls Basketball Team. Coached by Charles Wordsworth, some of the stars were Earner Lewis, Hawa Collins (RIP), Mieatta Smallwood, Bindu Kromah, Feta White, Watchen Harris and Assunta Hage.

The following is the names of all the player on this team:

Front Row L - R: S. Horton, G. Washington, F. White, E. Bailey, M. Padmore, M. Morris, E. Lewis, T. Pearson, Coach G. Dennis

Back Row L - R: Coach Charles Wordsworth, B. Kromah, W. Harris, K. Freeman, C. Lavall, L. Eldine, T. Garnett, M. Smallwood.


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